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    I used to know it.....

    The start for NCP resumptions of climb could have been it today already. But I opted to wait a day or two to see if some bonus dip comes first to allow a better entry. Looking at NCPWGK.
    I see NCP heading UP quite well. $12-50 area for starters.
    $12-00 is the true area they should be around, but would take at least two days to get to that area anyway. And will more likely take 5 trading days or so. The $12-50 will come because they will overshoot the proper area they should be in.

    I am a bit worried about the US indices and how they must take a reasonably large Retrace back down soon. Maybe right from here....or they can rise a bit more and then do it all. No way to know. And that will affect NCP moves of course.

    NCP could dip to $10-50 area FIRST and then turn back up to head to that $12-50, which is a much nicer way to be playing them! The last 5 days of trading looked pretty good, so I was very tempted to get at least SOME today. But resisted.
    "Good Trading" seen never guarantees the big players are ready to step in more seriously still. All too often they just back out a day or few and then come back, after shaking things up.

    In shares....fine. Buy and hold for that $12-50 area within weeks.
    In warrants....more need to be careful still!!
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