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What is the NF Supply Agreement etc worth the AJX ?

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    Hia ll AJX'ers. Have been playing around with a spread sheet - I do hope it all comes out clearly - if not I will seek it to be removed.

    My curiosity from one part of the comments in todays ann., (assuming that 'the global market size for FR is 300,000,000 square yards p.a.
    For the below calculations I have taken it to mean just that.
    Part of the ann.,
    Alexiflam® NF is a proprietary flame retardant developed by Alexium for cotton and cellulose-based textiles.
    Flame retardant cotton (FR cotton) is a prominent segment of the protective fabrics market with the global market
    size of more than 300 million square yards per annum.
    This Agreement establishes a framework for both parties
    to commercialize Alexiflam® NF. The Agreement includes the following:
     Alexium grants access to the Alexiflam® NF technology to the Business Partner.
     The partnership will actively evaluate the potential market for Alexiflam® NF, develop new applications,
    and based on market feedback will target their sales into global FR cotton markets, including workwear.
     Alexium will market Alexium® NF for FR socks used in foam mattresses, cotton fleece, and military
     Alexium will continue to manufacture Alexiflam® NF. The agreement does not specify minimum volumes
    or forecasted sales, and therefore the material value of the agreement cannot be calculated. **
     The manufacture of Alexiflam® NF could be transferred the Business Partner should they develop the
    requisite manufacturing capability. Upon such a transfer, the revenue Alexium receives will become a
    royalty stream based on Alexiflam® NF sales, at a rate to be determined.
    (*** but The Phantom GWW, for some fun, has had a go at it !!!!!!! Note the ** are not a part of the announcement) )
    Also it is important that all note - The following chart is totally hypothetical --- pure guestimates.
    However I believe AJX's income from the deal will be somewhere in there ?? Like winning a lottery to pick what !
    Would it not be great IF maybe/ possibly/ lets hope/ I have no idea


    Col A -should be square yards

    It all depends, on many many variables...columns, which in the chart above have not been checked for anything- accuracy- etc.
    :- B (is it $1 per sq,yard to ICL ??? Could be more. Could be less? )
    - C (how much of the Global market does ICL get of the 300,000,000 sq yds 100% -50%- 25% ?- Who are their competitors?)
    - D.( based on col. C % D would be ICL's $ income . Now the 64$ question -How much will AJX get ??
    - Looking at Line 11 and col F, if it was true, AJX could get $ 24,000,000. pa. Then AJX may only get ????????

    OK Chart done just for fun me thinks and really takes out just that little bit of being bored

    Lets look forward to more great news..... The 1/4ly in next few days and of course the Pine Belt saga, next ?

    Keep safe all - happy dreams -
    Please do your own research - that is imperative.

    The Phantom GWW

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