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    In SPIRIT we have Christ and we have the Father IN US and thus are ONE SPIRIT! The flesh takes on a highly subordinate role.It is the temple of God's spirit, but the pulls of the flesh, and the lusts of the carnal mind areCRUCIFIEDwith Christ.

    Tell us,....is the latter section here (blue) what you feel gives you the licence to be rude and foul mouthed to ALL other posters?? what.png

    A question you have often raised -> How many have you saved with your rudeness and foul mouth?
    And you suggest the Holy Spirit which by the way -> IS the Almighty God and Father, dwells in you biggrin.png,........Yea,.... and did I tell you,....I am the Real Father Xmas lol, lol AND LOL. tongue.png

    PS -> Boy,... we are happy to hear your ->
    flesh takes on a highly subordinate role.
    One can only ponder as to what we might get otherwise LOL!
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