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what is left to short sell!

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    I do not see any short sell risk left in this stock, given that it is down to sub 10 cents mark. Short sellers seek to cause a selling flood by tipping people over the edge or margin selling. Any one with a margin loan in this stock was long since taken out! There is now more upside than downside risk, as a positive sale announcement or takeover bid could see the stock trade at substantially higher prices which will serious hurt any short sellers which is too big a rsik for them to take for their potential upside of forcing the price down say 2-3 cents at best!

    I loved the Porsche VW situation in which the shorting hedge funds were completely outplayed by Porsche and forced to suffer losses huge losses as they scrambled over each other to buy back the VW short stock ( apparently $30 billion in losses to them)! LOL
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