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what is it worth.

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    How do you price it OBJ?
    Hard to say.however it is massive.All up we are looking at billions and billions of dollars in the industries that OBJ could penetrate.

    The fact is that obj only has to earn $25,000,000.00 per year after tax to make it justified to have a share price of $2.50 with a PE of 10.

    Companies in this type of industry have PE's of over 25 regularly.the figures make the mind boggle.

    here we have a company with a concept that has been we have a multinational wanting to evaluate it further.
    we have potential revenue pools of 10's of billions of dollars.

    Is it possible for OBJ to earn $25,000,000.00 a year if it succeeds ?Surely it is.

    If it does then with a PE of just 10 we are looking at a share price of $2.50 and people want to blow that by selling at these prices?that boggles the mind even further.

    can it do it?well it appears to be doing it now.It seems to me that it is being validated and the big boys are looking.

    I only wished that when they were given away at half a cent I had more cash.

    Everyone has to make a decision.take that profit now or wait and own a substantial share of a company that may one day be the next cochlear.

    Lets talk market cap.Potential alone is entitled to see this at 10cents to give it a fully diluted market cap of $100,000,000.00 round figures.

    PRR has a current market cap of $93,000,000.00.
    OBJ in my view is more advanced and has a bigger revenue pool at the end to earn from and is entitled to at least be on a par with PRR.

    So it appears that from my thinking a market cap of $100,000,000.00 is justifiable and right.
    therefore 10cents a share is where we should be and where we are heading.

    In fact I believe we should be well above that.

    Once OBj starts to earn it could be anything. A PE of 25 with earnings of 50cents a share values it at $12.50.
    Pie in the sky?maybe?maybe not.Time will tell.

    With all that ,and it seems realistic to at least consider it,then 10cents a share should be cheap.

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