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    Minerals Corp. Ltd. Reports Two Significant Gold Structures 1.5 Km Southwest of Esaase Deposit on Sian-ghana
    Minerals Corp. Ltd. reported results of the RC follow-up drill program on the Mpeyo Gold Zones southwest of the Esaase deposit on the Sian property in Ghana. The Mpeyo Gold Zones are located 1.5 kilometres southwest of the Esaase deposit on the Sian property. There are two main parallel gold structures .Each structure is over 500 meters in strike length. Both structures are open at both north and south extremities. The Mpeyo target area is located 1.5 km southwest of the Esaase deposit. Mpeyo is a soil anomalous area of 260 meters by 900 meters with values of 100 ppb Au up to 1890 ppb Au. The soil anomaly coincides with an induced polarization (IP) tested area of increased chargeability associated with high resistivity values. The IP anomaly was detected by a time domain induced polarization/resistivity (IP) survey performed over the Sian property in November 2006. The chargeability anomalous zone extends to a minimum strike length of 2 kilometres long by 500 meters wide.

    i found this report .yet i cant see a report on the asx about this....
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