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what is going on?

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    Hi there,

    Sorry to come off as a dummy, perhaps I am one Re my piddly DAU stake, but I try and trawl these boards and i always get confused about the ORD deal, and now there's a VAN! Could some kind soul, whether close to the company or not, spell it out for me.

    I understand plutonic dome's a decent (not spectacular asset), but i always thought the ground around DAU was what it was about, or at least John435 thought so? so i guess:

    1. what are mgt doing to unlock value?
    2 are we still a cash box?
    3 i've seen shell companies more exciting than this (not a question i know)
    4 wasn't the new mgt team supposed to fix the mess the old one that Richard Hay and the boys left us.
    5. has anyone contacted mgt recently and have they outlined a strategy going forward?

    Thanks for someone's future input, perhaps instead of being lazy i know i should read up, but i feel like my holdings aren't worth the effort anymore.

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