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What is Eminerva ?

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    Just a brief note on eminerva for those that are interested:

    Student Management Software

    Software Evaluation - eMinerva

    eMinerva is a web-enabled, AVETMISS compliant system designed to handle all of the administrative requirements of today's global college business. The system has been designed to track all AVETMISS compliant modules of study, as well as the required details of all AVETMISS students participating in these courses. eMinerva is delivered via an ASP (application service provider), which provides a number of benefits and cost savings to the college.

    The key features of eMinerva are:

    Student enrolment
    Academic records
    Homestay information
    Full reporting, including Avetmiss claims
    External Access
    Utilising Microsoft accredited Active Server Page Technology
    Business Benefits include:

    SQL back-end (a professional robust database server)
    Bank Level Security (SSL to prevent unauthorised access
    Privacy legislation compliant
    Hardware/servers maintained by professionals
    Disaster recovery and backups done automatically
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Currently unlisted public company.

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