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    What if you wanted to pick up a large parcel of say 20m or more shares in AZR?

    Would you...

    A. Buy them on market, in the process pushing the price up to about 25c...resulting in an average price of about 22c for your order?

    B. Cap the shares under 20c and patiently pick up the options...resulting in an average price close to 20c per share?

    I feel confident the price will be free to run once the options conversion date is behind us...if for no other reason than all doubt will be removed and we will know, one way or the other, AZR's position.

    Personally I'd be just as happy to see them in-the-money, as the price is about right and would result in equity issued at a fair price for everyone...but then again, if they do end up out-of-the-money, after which the share price rises, AZR may well be able to issue equity at higher levels?

    Perhaps the "powers that be" have this in mind...and would much rather see the options dead?

    If AZR were to release a resource upgrade or "preliminary BFS" this week, it would probably be enough to push them over the I guess if we do see something along these lines, we will at least know their intentions.

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