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what if any might be our legal rights

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    Could anyone please clarify what might be the legal position where shares were purchased in CIY after the announcement made via the ASX on 21st of Feb of their Half Year Result Presentation and before the final half year report was posted on the 29th of Feb stating their real financial position which was different to their Half Year Presentation on the 21st of Feb. Sure the market was misled and misinformed by the 21st announcement.

    We purchased a parcel of 15000 shares early on the 29th of Feb and were based on the official ASX announcements made by CIY in their Half Year Result Presentation dated the 21st of Feb. The actual Half Year Report was posted late on the 29th as we all know have some fundumental discrepencies to the Half Year Result Presentation made just a week earlier. Given the actual numbers in the HY08 these shares would not have been purchased.
    Are CIY are in breach any ASX regulations. And if so what might they be, surely there is a legal precident here...


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