What i propose to do!

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    I have given back a lot of the profits i have made in the market over the last 12 months.

    AS i said earlier i hold a fair few (by my standards) HAV. I will wait for the results of the first holes which should eb available in a couple of weeks? Well within this time the insiders should have already let us know lol.

    If they find something, given that HAV own 100% of the two current projects, the stock should run nicely.

    If they find nothing, i shall sell out of HAV and focus my attentions on getting cashed up. Thus not trading for a couple fo years.

    At the moment, although i don't have a concrete trading plan, i feel that my lack of capital and therefore my lack of ability to diversify is my downfall.

    So i guess i just have to sit back and wait.



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