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    Dear Board of Directors, CEO, MD, Company Sect. of Solagran Limited

    Your really don't get it, do you?

    Your recent announcement is littered with terms such as "appeared to" and "may have", which just doesn't cut the mustard for a bio-technology stock. Proper clinical data is required in any communication to the market. If you want people to sit up and take notice and hopefully recieve a re-rating, provide data that's more informative than finger painting. It's old news with a twist of lemon.

    Everytime you release an update the market, it reacts negatively. Has this happen enough times for you to consider alternative strategies? To my own personal knowledge, its has occured 4 out of the 4 more recent releases.

    Phase II results in its purest form are amazing but did any media organisation consider covering it? Why not? That's the question you as executive management should be asking. As great as any product may be, if a sole doesn't know about it or understand its potential benefits - I'm telling you it won't sell. It's just the same as SLA shares on the ASX.

    You don't have to give me the speel about how a share price doesn't mirror the performance or progress of the organisation [look at Aristocrat 12 months ago] but unfortunately you have no other tangible mesures to comprehend. The initial product, Bioeffective R while compelling hasn't recieved any approval for distribution, so in the eyes of the market, its still Intellectual property. While thats not concerning, its what hasn't been said that is cause for concern. There has been no timeline of events, outlook for 2005 - stages / steps - an understanding from the market where you are today and where your going tommorrow. No guidence, no understanding.

    I'm a believer of this stock, I'm am a believer of the products and I'm a believer in management but when reading this annoucement, I hear the line from Denzel Washington in the movie Remember the Titans "Pete, your killing me".

    I hope my comments don't fall on deaf ears as this mirrors other traders comments on many of the high traffic share trading forums.

    I'm not expecting a response - because I'm still waiting for my existing questions 2 months ago.
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