what i might & might not like to be buying...

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    Sometime soon I might start to drop some cash back into the mkts... if opportunity warrants...

    I did last Friday in the UK by selling Enquest - which hadn't done much in the last 12mths anyhow & which I got as freebies from the Petrofac demerger & bought more Xstrata. I'm still a buyer of Tullow, Petrofac (and obviously Xstrata) in the UK market right now.

    Also on Friday I had a bit of a reorganisation on my LYC & MLM reducing both only slightly and picking up some LCY. I also bought GOLD on the ASX (only $5k's worth) as a minor hedge since I'm still holding a good chunk of physical silver 1kg bars that I bought in early 2009 for US$600 each & have been selling these recently for an average of AUD$1500 apiece... as I've always said if you're going to hold a lot of physical pm's go for silver in preference to gold (well, it IS the 'currency of gentlemen' isn't it?) - much more to run on silver over coming months pro-rata vs gold - I have no doubt at all about that (and have been proved right in the last 2 years on that call, certainly).

    What I MAY CONSIDER buying on the ASX if the timing & price is right (for me) and I have spare cash are: SLR, more LYC (I hold), KGD, MLM (I hold), LCY (I hold), UNV, ORD, WPG, MHM, IBG, AGO, MEO, BAU, LOM, PRE, NSE, BMN, MAD, AEE, CYU, ROL, RMS, MNC

    What I WOULD NOT CONSIDER buying on the ASX (even during the current climate) are: SAR, IGR, MTE (only because I hold indirectly thru MLM & thereby accessing a significant discount on MTE assets as a result), CCC, CKK, GNM, NEN, SSC, ZYL, LNC, FML, PDN, BCD, CGM, BDI, ACB

    ALWAYS DYOR! - All purely my opinion & screened by myself in my usual process of diligence of course - each to their own etc etc.

    Be lucky y'all!

    Tin hats @ the ready for Monday!

    VRS :)x
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