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what i like about this sp - the timing.

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    i) The issue to Soph Inv - about now ?

    - outcome - those going for stag profit will get mopped up by those who like the potential and also the 2.3c shares plus free options. Share price should hold nicely or go up.

    ii) The share placement record date 4 Jan.

    - outcome SP will hold up (go up) well until then. Shareholders get their issue about a week or two later and we are at mid Jan. Who is going to dump with test result announcement in Feb ?

    Again Share price holds up / goes up all the way to Feb announcement.

    Day traders will be doing their thing as allways and there will still be some volatility, especially intra day - but just watch out you dont miss out on a chair when the music stops !

    I dont think stag profit taking is going to hit this stock too hard at all as Share placements have done when the timing is such that news is not forthcoming and the stock goes off the boil.

    Gonna make January interesting anyway.

    My 2.3 cents worth.

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