What has the Federal Government actually done?

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    When the cheer squad recite ad nauseum the acomplishments of the Coalition there are some inconvenient facts which they overlook. History will hold them up for ridicule.

    1. "We have stoopeed the boats" The boats had essentially stopped once labor introduced offshore processing. Check what happenned to the flow after this date. The opposition did all they could to make sure the boats did not stop under Labor. The Coalition came in and threw a web of secrecy over border protection, gave it a military name and as history will show committed crimes against humanity in the process- watch this space.

    2. We have removed the Carbon Tax. It was working, the big pollutors were paying and the country was getting billions in revenue on a continual basis. But Abbott who got his job by being a climate change denier waited till he could team up with a mining man to enable him to scrap it. In the face of a fiscal emergency, they still kept in place the compensation for a non existent tax.

    3. We have scrapped the mining tax. Once again only after a mining man enabled them to do it. It was a "super profit" tax and was only payable when miners made super profits, but Clive was not taking any chances. Once again the compensation remained for a non existent tax.

    4. We have signed trade agreements. {In the case of China, a sales and purchase agreement of Australia, just like NZs } Negotiation on these had reached the sticking points. These had been in the pipleline for years and there were critical areas yet to be worked through.

    The coalition needed some good news. Abbott told Robb to give way on everyrtning and just get the things signed, they needed to show they could achieve something. History will once again show that you don't get nations like China falling over themselves to sign an agreement that had been dormant for years. They gave away a massive amount of concessions that will damage this nation for years to come, just to get a good news story.

    There is very little this Government has achieved when you look at the facts.

    Source not known ---- But I thought it was accurate reading and decided to share with the HC Community.
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