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There's a very real possibility that any offer for SOLG would...

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    There's a very real possibility that any offer for SOLG would comprise cash and shares most likely with the prepondrance of the latter. Such an offer makes use of the high(er) P/E of the acquirer. Lets say it was BHP or NCM. Then DGR is faced with a decision on what to do with those. Would they cash them immdiatley or wait till the market has more positive sentiment. In most of the companies I've held the directors made the right decision on when to offload the shares. Now we defer on NM's ability and or intent to guage that. You're just as likely to say he'll keep it because of self interest and not disburse the funds and I've seen LIC's do that potentially for that reason.

    The real issue is what is the sentiment for commodities. With the greatest respect I would say a developer of these micro cap companies should be able to judge it better than ourselves.

    Not an answer to your question I know but looks at some issues. Also I'm not an expert on this stuff. I have some experience and training but likely less business nous and trading ability than many (most) of you. IMVHO.
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