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what happened to these so called deals

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    Gaga I changed my mind and sold as i researched more and found the facts changed.
    Nothing wrong with changing your mind is there...especially if the facts change...

    4 Dec 2000 13:23 LUM Awarded Contract for one of Australia`sLargest Outdoor Signs

    3 Sep 2001 10:54 LUM Another LumaSign Destined for the Perth Skyline

    16 Aug 2001 13:57 LUM Lumacom does advertising deal with Claude Outdoor

    5 Apr 2002 17:34 LUM Lumacom switches on in Adelaide

    12 Jun 2003 11:15 LUM Major Order for US Market

    What ever happened to last months new york sign ..the worlds biggest.
    Now you tell me how well you can trust lum going on their previous announcements..and anyway theyve been shafted by totius.
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