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what happened to the cash?

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    I mentioned it, Woy Woy mentioned it, now lets hope CL mentions it!! What are we doing with our cash reserves?

    In a down turned market "Cash is King". We seem to be getting enough cash flow to keep the engine turning over without the promised big contract wins, but why are we slowly depleting our cash?

    This was the cash raised and then retained in our accounts from a failed Company purchase (IRM in Singapore??).

    Are we using this cash to service our loans?

    Again, down $16m in our cash and the CFO is sacked, not good in any market.

    I believe NMS are looking for a new ROV and Vessel Business Development Manager (last one fired this week).

    If anyone is looking for an easy job, excessive pay and where you don't have to do much work, apply to NMS HR.

    Am getting really tired of this yoyo of a Company but can't afford to bail either....

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