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What Greenspan and Bush are up to.

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    A bit cynical but probably true.They both had to manage the bubble bursting market and what better way than the 'bogeyman'.The dollar had to be cheaper and there are unpopular ways of doing it.A bogeyman is so much easier.The 9/11 event filled the bill if unexpected and a disaster,but in politics these things happen.Osa bin Laden,bogeyman 1.War in Afghanistan,not much to damage.Now we need another bogeyman.Saddam,bogeyman 2.Dollar coming off nicely.Saddam goes for the inspectors;oh dear,we need another bogeyman.Osama bin Laden tapes suddenly appear.Bogeyman 3 back to Osama.Dollar still sliding but can't have a Xmas boom.In between all this we have the Bali sideshow which will be held in reserve in case we run out of bogeymen;new terrorist group will fit the scheme nicely.If Bush and Greenspan can get through to March then a natural slide will progress.The DOW should get to 5500 without the public noticing too much.When the DOW is 5500,the dollar cheap and the next US Presidential election is in sight, we get rid of the bogeymen.Everything is OK.Saddam pushed out quickly;past his use by date,new hero marches in[another dictator].No bogeymen allowed...press told.
    And we all live happily everafter.....till the next election.
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