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what future?

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    Taking into account the share consolidation, CUO's SP is now way below what it was when Lady Annie was no more than pie in the sky. Since then we have seen Lady Annie brought into profitable production with Brian Rear's good management and communication. Ignoring greedy yank bankers and stupid, stupid politicians, what else has happened? We have taken on a lot of debt, some questioable assets and that other company's mushroom philosophy.

    Looking at these assets:
    Platinum in South Africa. I have heard that the last productive bloke has left the country and turned the lights out. How do you mine platinum in the dark without any electricity?

    Gold in Greece. Did Helen drop a bauble while she was having it off with Menelaus. Maybe I got that wrong but my Greek mythology was never strong. Still I always enjoyed the bit about the Gods coming down off Mt Olympus to knock up the women while their men were away at the wars.

    Gold in China. I was up on the Palmer River recently where in the 1870s there were 20,000 Chinese and 2000 round eyes. And most of the gold just happened to find its way back to China. The only bit of gold now was the gold cap on my tooth. And there is supposed to still be gold in the ground in China. Really?

    Zinc at Lady Loretta. About the same future as the ice block in my scotch.

    Enough of this ill informed rot. I think I will go down to the pub and get tired and emotional.

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