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    I don't post these things all the time now but I thought I might put this one up for Fridays trading because of the interesting divergence that occurred in European trading.

    In my limited experience of watching the European bourses on a regular basis the three major exchanges have appeared to trade in considerable 'synch'.

    But not on Friday.

    London took off to fairly well hold ground with New York whilst Berlin and to a slightly lesser extent Paris got thrashed.

    Is it really the financial markets way of showing recognition for whom other immediate losers in an attack on Iraq will be?

    Australasia/Asia (AXJO,NZ40,Hang Seng)

    Europe (FTSE, DAX, CAC)

    US Markets (S&P500, DOW, Nasdaq)

    Kitco 24hr Gold, Kitco 24hr Platinum, $AU v $US


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