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    re: just read Hi Jocky.
    Lease 39, the long lease almost on big orange's leased area, Reading, KAH, news release/report etc, It would appear that they have held the 39 since before June.
    For other all but/than fuel resources.
    And who is KAH, who runs KAH

    Therefore it would be fair to ask,
    Would EXT already know what is under the ground already, or could be.

    From there we may ask, as U is collected by drainage many years ago, if orange is producing, then the follow from the mountains would have travelled past or over or through the 39lease ?
    Plus, what other minerials are there.

    Then when mining takes place, the costs are shared over the income from all the other minerials.

    Hey, I could be 1000% wrong, so please do your own homework.

    Kind regards,
    excel, where are you, the cone is awaiting for you, baby
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