what do you think of bush?

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    Re: What do you people think of Bush?
    by: light10ing (51/M/des moines, IA) 08/22/03 08:40 pm
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    Gore would hav ebeen bad too. in fact almost ANY politician would have been bad .having said that ,, BUSH is a real pedestrian light weight fool mostly run by Chenny and Carl Rove.
    Other than thta he is as close to a fool as any president we have ever had.
    HELLO?? Weapons of mass destruction?
    HELLO? Iraqis dancing in the streets with joy?
    HELLO? "Coalition of the willing" Give me a break . Us and Britain Oh yeah and Australia.
    We could not wait for the UN . We didn't need the UN.. Now we need them. Here we are hat in hand begging them to come in and rescue us from the quagmire.
    Now France and Germany and the others will make their demands of us in order to get their help. And as they do it we wil get our faces rubbed in it and have to listen to their "I told you sos" and in a very condesending way.
    Poland is pulling out Japan won't come. Britain and Australias leaders are being raked over the coals for misleading their people only a tenth as much as we were mislead by ours so even they will be reticent to do any more.
    But then again what the heck, we do have record national deficits that according to almost all economists will cause interest rates to rise astronomically in years to come to pay it back .
    But heck we do have the patriot act and our wonderful homeland security chief. and our RED?YELLOW?ORANGE threat signals.And we do have our slimy VP making visit after visit to the CIA to "help" them come up with the "right ' interpretation of the intelligence.
    And Heck we are only losing 1 young man a day in Iraq whiile we spend 4 BILLION a month there plus the 1 billion a month in Afganistan ( which by the way is where we should have concentrated).
    Of course thats not counting the young men who are getting wounded daily , but heck they'll heal just like our economy will heal.
    Now our national forests may not get a chance cause the president thinks it will be better to let the lumber companies cut them down rather than take a chance they'll catch fire.
    But there is always religion.
    And now if your religion cowtows to the government just right they can get on the dole just like our senators and congressmen left and right alike. Now theres separation of church and state.
    What do I think of Bush?? He's a chimp in a suit ,,no more no less. his spontanious speeches are embarrasing to anyone who has pride in America. His endless rehersals for important speeches are the stuff of jokes thru-out the country.
    Gore? he would be no better. He would be a wood post and react slower than oak grows.
    Why don't good people rise to the level where they could run ?
    The system sucks. It's the best form of goverment around and thats the saddest part.
    Of course thats just my opinion,, but you asked.
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