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what could they earn??

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    With this deal alone, let's take mm02 cusomer base, 20Mill, and that is a captive base.

    If there is m-Vision subscription of just 1% then multiply that by $120, take is as just $100 to make it easier, that's $20Mill per year.
    2% is $40 Mill, 10% is $200Mill. PER YEAR mind you.

    And this is just for this one deal for mobile phones, we are not talking yet about pocket pc's.

    And then we haven't got to the Asian carriers they have been talking to, SARS has knocked things around there but now getting back on track, watch very closely.

    I have been dealing with a bloke in H.K. and we do not realise how bad it was over there. All back on track now and I am dealing with him again.

    We are talking huge numbers, not small numbers in Australia. It is hard for some of us to think in numbers world wide.

    We are talking huge potential here, well more than potential because deals have been done and are doing more, announcements will be here shortly.

    There will be a string of them.

    Now Alpha is saying it's no good because people are buying and selling, we can't buy if no one sells can we now.

    But as I said there is a large seller and every day his holding is less, next week may see him out, then watch out.
    You see Alpha may be good in the markets, can't say he is not.
    But it is like a handy man who dabbles in many things and does O.K.
    But when it comes to a tricky job it needs a expert in that particulay field.

    Some of the posters on this stock do know a lot more than Alpha about this stock, at present I do not look at any thing else.
    Why would I when I fully expect my holding to rise 10 time plus.

    If you people reading don't buy, stiff, others will and have.

    Like I have always said, this is to let people know, by now most must see something in this stock.

    If they make $20Mill out of the deal today per year, how much from the others they are about to announce.

    Then these brokers will start saying it's a buy when it is 50 cents or a dollar and they will think they are smart, it happens all the time. Why do they not recommend it when at these levels, becuae it has to be a certain level of market cap or they wil not acknowledge it.

    Good luck.

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