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    Tah for the link, this is interesting:

    "Based on previous cycles the Earth is probably due to go into an ice age about now. In fact, conditions were starting to line up for a new ice age at least 6,000 years ago.
    "If you look at what was happening prior to the industrial revolution, summers were actually getting colder in the northern hemisphere. They've been getting colder for at least the last 6,000 years, so we were definitely on that trend," Dr Phipps said.
    But that trend has now been comprehensively reversed because of greenhouse gas emissions, according to Dr Phipps.
    "There's no chance of us going into an ice age now because the greenhouse gases we've put into the atmosphere during the industrial era have warmed the earth."
    Although scientists cannot say we have definitely prevented the next ice age, it's certainly accepted that humans have had a significant part to play."

    All the non science believers say we are in a normal warming period, when science says we should be cooling.
    Great to avoid an ice age but lets not cook the joint!
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