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What are the OXR directors thinking???

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    Whats all this rot about underwriting half the options due to expire in September??? They have entered into an agreement with a "broker" which guarantees they will get the 25 cents for 120 million or approximately half the options on issue. Now what does that tell you???
    Well to me it screams the belief that the Board considers the odds on OXR trading above 25 cents in September to be just about zero! They cannot have it both ways by suggesting they think the price will be above 25 cents yet as the same time enter into a sweet little side deal just in case.
    I hold OXR and am really annoyed. They have sent out the wrong signal. A lot of shareholders will read between the lines and conclude the obvious. Seems pretty obvious the share price will hit 25 cents and I attribute a lot of the blame to the knuckleheads running the company.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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