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    I can only speak from my experience and I found SG to be very fair and committed to supporting the warrant market through extra activities such as free short seminars, extremely helpful newsletters and they email me their matrix every day. I also found their spreads to be very tight. You can talk to them directly if you have a trading issue.

    The question of adjusting IV has been well canvassed on this site with much (excellent) assistance from Remmers.

    I have been involved with an IV adjustment only once in NAB and I accepted their explanation - it is after all the nature of the beast. You must be prepared to learn as much about how they operate as you can so that there are no surprises - you also have to be prepared to watch the screen continuously whilst in the trade - I haven't quite come to the same conclusions as Remmers about the extent of "manipulation" that goes on.

    Now, not withstanding all of the above, I have found that I am emotionally unsuited to trading in a raging bear market and the best decision that I made almost one year ago was to sit on the sidelines and observe. I had no idea or intention at the time to stay out so long but I'm not going back yet. I think that the two previous posts say the same thing in different words.

    Above all else - it's a greatr adrenelin rush to trade warrants.

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