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what an utter disgrace

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    I posted a thread some time ago before getting on this dog and I was shot down like a limping Messerschmit 109. I just asked the risks of this thing going pear shaped.

    Back then, traders actually believed the con but I was a little suspicious.
    Now with the Congo conflict about to spill over to other borders, Angola included, we're back to the old African freak show. More wars than any other continent in history.

    Now as a deal maker, you can take part in the wonderful 1.25c placement yet buy the shares below that! To think that everyone who screamed as she passed 10c have now lost another 90%!

    This is not even a dog, dogs are decent, loyal and honest animals.
    It will trickle to below 1c as everyone waits to hear news of CVI (Constantly Volatile Investment) drilling somewhere and eventually will just be a penny dreadful while the people who started this 'venture' will enjoy their penthouse city view, and look to the next scam.

    You could fill prisons with these guys!
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