what an i watching?

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    I'm expecting a 20% price change my the end of Feb in each of the following. Looking for any facts is anyone knows anything:

    1. PWR
    The order sizes for PWR are suddenly getting larger. This would normally imply, IMHO, a stock is about to move (as the small punters are cleaned out). As PWR is up, it would indicate an uptick in price in the short term.

    2. BSG
    Last held this at 11c, but it's come a long way since the mass corruption in Georgia. The good news is flowing, but words like "Oustanding results" in ASX announcements starts to smell of trying too hard...

    3. AAM
    Anyone want to call the price for this at the end of the month? I had it as 50c but it's proved me wrong.

    4. NCA
    This should be smacked over the next few weeks as those who have overbought rights try to get out. It will take less than 1Mil shares to knock it under 2c. Over 16 Million Rights were purchased at 0.1c, which I believe will be sold at anything above 2.0c

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