BBI 0.00% $3.98 babcock & brown infrastructure group

what abn said when bbi was 67c

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    Quote: "Babcock & Brown Infrastructure

    Smells like BBP? Not even close

    BBI’s FY08 result was broadly in line with our forecasts, but it did highlight that cash flow generation is still solid. In our view, capital management initiatives are a step in the right direction in repairing tarnished sentiment.

    Happy to push the Buy at these levels

    This result clearly highlights to us that there has been, and still is, a severe disconnect between the BBI share price and the underlying operating cashflows. Sentiment towards the stock has obviously taken a big hit lately (largely due to issues surrounding BNB and BBP), however we
    believe BBI today has shown that underneath it all, the assets are performing broadly in line with expectations.

    Buy maintained.

    Target price A$1.10" Unquote.

    These gooses get paid high six figure salaries. It is scandalous. I have kept all research from ABN on BBI and a few others. ABN have deleted all research reports on BBI, AFG and MFS from their website however I have all saved on hard drive. I will be forwarding all to ASIC (with other info I have received) not that I much confidence in them either.
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