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what a waste and disappointment

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    This company is fast becoming an absolute joke.

    They are in the hottest part of the world in mining terms and what have they delivered for their shareholders in 2011

    Have they drilled in mongolia? No- in their investor presentation stated april to November for drilling- we are now near august and what have we got- nil. I was told that it is hard to obtain drilling contractors in Mongolia by Management. However, other little known companies with little or no mining management experience have been able to get drilling done in little or no time ie CEO and TVN

    Have they acquired projects in mongolia to promote and deliver their shareholders best interests? No

    Refer below for the promises that again have failed to be delivered

    Active research on new project opportunities in Mongolia and Central Asia:
    GMM database on most of 6,000 occurrences & deposits in Mongolia
    talks with vendors in Mongolia and Kazakhstan on gold, copper, coal and other projects

    I have been pretty patient with these guys to date, however, they have failed to deliver on a number of fronts.

    The mining boom will not last forever, and as a shareholder we need more proactive management.

    A number of shares are in escrow until i think December 2011- could this be a reason for the snails pace progression to date????

    Cmon Boris and co!!!!!
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