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what a run !!!!! +another 14c

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    EPT has been a sensational run to 94 c following its option expiry at 30c just on a month ago.

    It seems all those who were brave enough to exercise their options at 30c when the stock was barely above that level are now sitting on a 300% Capital gain.

    This huge run reminds me of the Davnet ,sausage software days when stocks ran on blue sky potential and not fundumantals.

    These runs went on and on until the bubble finally burst,but at the time it felt like you just had to get on because if you didnt it would be another 10% higher tomorrow.

    Looking at EPT the appetite is huge on the buy side despite the company saying in response to an asx query there was no news to report.

    I have no idea where its going but its cetainly interesting to watch another small cap overnight be now valued at 75 million dollars on revenues of very little.

    I have no position in this stock,or an opinion what is going to happen tomorrow the next day the next month or the next 3 years.
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