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what a ramp..all buying from discount brokers

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    Sourced from marcus today newsletter

    VCR (272c….down 9c this morning) – Ventracor – FINE TUNING –
    Ventracor put out another announcement yesterday updating us on the
    two patients they have implanted with their VentrAssist device. They have upgraded the condition of the second
    patient to ‘stable’. This must be the Biotech equivalent of a credit rating upgrade and highlights for just what this
    stock is all about. Brutally speaking if either of these patients ‘pop their clogs’ the Ventracor share price is going to
    fall over. The company are so aware of this they are now making public announcements which fine tunes the
    adjective currently applicable to their conditions.
    The importance of this is not so much for those portfolio investors who are
    taking a measured bet on Ventracor as a small part of their portfolio mix, but
    to the day traders. Day traders own this stock… the last two months since
    it took off the top five brokers by volume are all on line brokers. It is only with
    the recent 15m share placement that some small number of institutions came
    on board but it is negligible…..

    you can get in the top 20 shareholders in this
    stock with just 495,000 shares.

    So to you traders….especially those punting
    50,000 shares intraday without the money to pay for them….watch out….

    Don’t be complacent because it hasn’t happened yet. This stock dropped from 381c to 245c in an hour
    recently….it can happen again.
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