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what a disgrace

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    Rather than give the Gov our tax....

    we use the tax funds to invest in a Gov exempt tax deductable MIS whereby we can derive an income over time.

    Its pretty simple.

    lets say in 2007 I bought 40 lots at $5k a pop.

    Thats $200k worth of tax I have tipped in.

    Now im being offered 224,080 shares (at the 50c)in GTP for the 40 droves .....not that the shares are at 50c.

    At say 35c (current price) the value of my shares are $67,224......I then have the issue that a CGT event has occured by transfering from droves to shares.

    what we are being offered is a third of the initial investment in shares that are downtrending and about to be 4 times as many on market.....from 330 mill to 1.15 bln.


    Im keeping my lots/droves.

    If I could swear on here there would be lots of other words within this post.

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