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what a bunch of babies!

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    Remember this report from a few months ago? Judging by the lack of previous posts from a lot people now complaining about this stock maybe you dont. This is assuming a 0.5g/t gold level and .10% copper. Whats that you say we had results better than that today.....

    If you let the market make your decisions for you then why are you even in this stock? We have been on a downward trend since March what makes today so much different? I think the biggest problem here is people need to take a step back forget about your dreams of being a millionaire this week and see this announcement for what it really is, the first step in a long process of building this company.

    This is a good day for FNT and the holders of this company and if you cant handle the fact that market manipulations happend then thats your problem. Ive seen a lot of very informative posts from people talking about the potential of this company and nothing but downramping from others.

    So here is my challenge to you : give me a detailed reason for why you think this is an overvalued company. I dont care what happened on the market today, I dont care what happened to another company and I dont care that it didnt meet your unrealistic expectations. If you cant back up what you are saying in with facts then you are nothing but a ramper. Or an idiot.
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