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    well it seems to me that regardless of the flow of good news from PDn that they are continuing with they're strategy to become one of the biggest U producers in the world NO ONE seems to be happy. Why, because its all short term viewing.

    With oil above $100 a barrel, OPEC refusing to increase production (surprising considering the price) where is all the worlds energy going to come from.

    In the end I think the spectacular rise , and subsequent fall, in the U price roller coaster has hurt all the U players.

    Soft commodity prices are going through the roof due to lack of supply, increasing world population, bio fuel consumption of soft commods, yet, U languishes. So where is all this energy going to come from when the oil is simply running out and its price is going through the roof and the soft commodities need the oil and gas to continue?

    Well my view has never been short term. IPO holder of PDN and still there. All I can see is good. Easily has cash to develop what they have to mine, strategic alliances with Camaeco, quasi partners with AREVA (think Summit), Langer mine in production meeting designed output, Malawi on the way and financed and more to come.

    So . . . in short - I'm in and staying.

    A good day to all.

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