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Westpac & Rothchilds.

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    recently it was announced that NM Rothschild were no longer a substantial holder.

    If I recall correctly, Westpac took an interest in Rothchilds and have been housekeeping since then, ie many "ceasing to be" announcements from Rothchilds and many "becoming an Substantial Shareholder" announcements from Westpac.

    I recall posting about 1 month ago a long list of changes of holdings from Rothchilds to Westpac (up to 100-200), in only one day.

    An example from yeterday is;

    NM Rothschild Australia Holdings Pty Ltd ceased to be a
    substantial shareholder on June 1 in:
    * DCA Group Ltd.
    * Cockatoo Ridge Wines Ltd.
    * Deutsche Office Trust.
    * Iluka Resources Ltd.
    * ING Industrial Fund.
    * Colorado Group Ltd.
    * Ellex Medical Lasers Ltd.
    * Fiducian Portfolio Services Ltd.
    * Freedom Group Ltd.
    * HGL Ltd.
    * Grand Hotel Group.
    * Homeloans Ltd.
    * Investa Property Group.
    * Ion Ltd.
    * Julia Ross Recruitment Ltd.
    * Iress Market Technology Ltd.
    * Lend Lease US Office Trust.
    * PMP Ltd.
    * Macquarie Airports.
    * Primary Health Care Ltd.
    * Record Investments Ltd.
    * Simeon Wines Ltd.
    * Transfield Services Ltd.
    * United Group Ltd.
    * Macquarie Goodman Industrial Trust.
    * Pacifica Group Ltd.
    * Portman Ltd.
    * Programmed Maintenance Services Ltd.

    if last month is anything to go by, next series of announcements should read something like;

    WESTPAC became a substantial shareholder in ION, etc, and most of the others above and possibly others from Rothchilds.

    please Keep the above in mind.
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