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    I wanted to swap from ETRADE (who have been great) to a broking house that allowed me to buy more stock using stock held as collateral. I considered Westpac and CBA. Went to Westpac.

    From the moment I called them I was given wrong info!!

    Westpac has to be the worst online trading company I have ever dealt with. Issues from opening accounts, getting addresses wrong, losing docs, absolute lack of knowledge by the staff when you ring up for support, lack of basic understanding when they try to discuss your account (they don't know their credits from debits and cant understand it is opposite for us) when managers get involved the don't call you back, when having issue with iress (works well on the same computer with ETRADE and Comsec.) they are of no use. This was from multiple staff members ...not just one!

    Against my better judgement I transferred $800K of stock over to Westpac from ETRADE.

    My blood pressure doubled and health deteriorated all in two weeks of dealing with the most incompetent bunch I have ever had the mispleasure of doing business with.

    They offered 6mths free subscription to IRESS as a sorry gesture then charged me.....cant they do anything right. I had to go into a branch three times because of the lack of understanding and communication between their online share trading arm and their online bank account.

    STAY AWAY.........its too hard).

    ETRADE are great if you don't need /want to use stock as collateral and COMSEC have proven to be just as good and efficient if you do.

    is Westpac Online really that bad ..... I THINK SO !!
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