West Australian Premier (ALP) is the New Neville Chamberlain ?

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    Be Proud West Australians, for you have elected a coward and now he reveals his true character. Just so you know what is going on, let's be clear on this:

    # China is behind cyber attacks on Australian interests.
    # China has boycotted our goods because we rightly want to know what role China played in creating COVID19 in a Wuhan lab.
    # China has no right to block international sea lanes.
    # China doesn't own the Spratly Islands.
    # China doesn't have the right to detain Australian citizens.

    Given these are facts, only the most idiotic and willfully blind appeaser (West Australian Premier Mark McGowan) could come out and utter appeasing words when our federal leaders, speak the truth about China and China's actions mirroring those of Hitler and the rise of the Third Reich:

    “I have never heard something so insane in my life, this discussion about this issue,” he told reporters on Thursday.

    “The idea that somehow we should be promoting armed conflict with a superpower is madness and I don’t get it.

    “It’s absolute madness … it’s absolutely off the planet.”

    Well Mark, you are stepping in Neville Chamberlain's impish shoes, for he uttered the very same idiocy as Germany prepared to conquer Europe. Only an idiot would fail to learn from the mistakes of yesteryear and you Mark McGowan are that simpleton.


    I wonder how the people of West Australia feel about your appeasement Mark ? I can tell you now that most Victorians are unimpressed with Andrews signing Victoria up to China's Belt and Road scheme for further control of the world.

    Are you Sandgropers really willing to let China do whatever it wants to Australia, whenever it wants?
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