Wespac Robs Self-funded retirees!

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    Hi All,
    I hope some selfunded retirees on the forum provide a lttle input on this issue:

    On 1/8/99 $360,000.00 was invested into Westpac Financial Planning.

    Guess what it was worth as of 31st March 2002?


    The growth for the last quarter was -0.2%.

    Growth for the last year to 31st March 2002 was 2.9%.
    Growth since initial investment is 5.3%.

    Their instructions were to stick to low to medium risk,
    the money was allocated as follows:

    Westpac Classic Strategy
    Westpac Australian Bond Fund
    Barclays Managed Investment Fund
    MlC investment Trust- balanced Fund
    Merrill Lynch Wholesale Managed Income Fund.

    And they come up with the spectacular performance above.

    I went crook at them last quarter ( sept 2001-Dec2001)
    and they blamed the markets.
    I just received this report tonight and have not rung them yet, but imho the have NO excuse for a return like that for the last quarter.

    And of course, they still charge their disgusting fees, regardless of performance.

    So, is their anyone out there having similar fun with Westpac Financial Planning?

    Or can anyone recommend a REPUTABLE and SAFE alternative.

    I have had a gutfull of their B/S and excuses ( like: Iwouldnt take the money out while the fund is down)
    The damn thing just keeps going down.

    So to keep what is left of my sanity( which isnt much), I am appealing for advice.

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