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were to from here.....

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    I will start by saying I am new at this (this being the stockmarket) and quite young with some hard earned dollars wishing to expand my investment portfolio (already holding property)

    I thought, maybe my inexperience thinking for me, but with a company with a large amount of assets, a company not failing on their loan repayments, and with the fact that they are still pulling in millions a month from the shopping centres that the only issue would be to refinance there current loans. I understand that with the mortgage crisis presenting itself in America that the value in their property would have lost some value in their property. But from my understanding with banks (and I have a little bit of experience in that) is that it would be better for them to refinance with a better rate, than to pull the plug on the company.

    I understand that centro isnt the "normal" company and that their are a large number of underlying factors - This is were I start to get lost - all their different investment funds etc. But shouldn't the fundamental fact still remain? Centro is still bringing in money,and they still have a large portfolio of property. What seems to be the issue? Is it that we are not hearing any updates about how Centro is going from GR? That the banks are scared that if America takes another dive then there will be more loss for centro's property and therefore have less equity to cover the refinancing? is it because the investors are scared of "what is still to come in America and with the RBA?, is centro's SP currently being controlled by short traders? or are the large investors trying to bring it down by buying cheap (ie. thursday afternoon) because they know what is coming (6months, a year ... whatever down the track) and they want on? or is the problem that there is to many questions?

    Excuse me if this seems like a stupid little blog from a little brat, playing with the so called big boy's. But I would just like some advise. I bought 10000 shares at 61c thinking that this will soon rise pending the ann and extensions by banks.

    So the million $ questions. Where to from here? what should I expect to see?

    I would appreciate your thoughts, as one day I would like to big playing with larger amounts of $$$$$ and we all have to start somewhere.


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