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    My mail is end of next week big announcements re: media/ communication co's etc, backing, deals
    Bad news: re-listing in 2 months-I don't know why they have to wait 2 months but I think they are a pack of Bast*ards. So that's the deal-they actually have the big deals with big cash backing but for some stupid reason they will wait to re-list. Take it as you like- I reckon it is actually good as it will show something is happening and there is substance there-I thought the whole thing was down the drain and a lost cause but if the announcements come in 10 days time we might actually have something to look forward to. Seems as though we won't lose all our money, but we'll just have to wait to see it re-list. 2 months tough wait-what a load of sh*t. At least look forward to next week and some progress being made. Seems logical that you would re-list on the back of big announcements, not wait 2 months and lose momentum.
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