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    I go to the sun and feast on tropical fruits far from the madenning hassel of Hot Copper and what happens?

    Domum and "Tisisit" efforts at "downramping" AVL fail miserably.

    Worse still my prediction of 23 to 25 cents for AVL by early 2004 is already shattered and proved wrong already.

    Still my guess is that Domum actually posessed more AVL come the price surge.
    "Tisit" after slating AVL management and the company itself actually took up a holding in AVL before the price surge.


    Interesting is it not?

    However the surge in AVL was based on an incredibly mundane item.

    Has it not been posted that AVL was now making a profit and the reasons that such profits would occur?

    Has it not been posted that the last quarterly report was very encouraging?

    So one must admit to being a little over-awed when these pedictable outcomes caused such a surge in AVL share price when profits were announced.

    This instead of the announcement of finance being obtained for stage 2.

    So get on board all ye who are patient.
    Six month's patience that is.

    We now have an indication of what AVL share price will be like when stage 2 finance is announced.

    When stage 2 commences.

    When post stage 2 profits are announced.

    Too late to get into AVL?

    Not really.

    Buy with your ears back.

    But buy big if Domum or "Tisit" bags AVL.

    Be back soon.


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