ABS a.b.c. learning centres limited

well oversold

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    ABS has really disapointed the market and been hammered falling from a high not that long ago of $7.00 to now be trading around 1.45

    In my opinion the fall of 60% today is overdone

    They have made a solid profit albeit not what the market expected , maintained their dividend, are in a space which is low risk in respect to kids have to go to child care centres and the revenue is spread accross 1000 centres .

    At 8c dividend for the half year the yield seems good to me .

    I have gone long at 1.42 , and expect it to trade in a range of 1.30 to 1.80 today , I am no expert so dont take my advice I bought CNP at .70 and still have them , on the other hand I bought BOL at 70 as well and thats been very nice .

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