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well, it has all come true

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    Hello all,

    It would seem as everything i warned about has happened. For example:
    1. the consolidation has seen the short sellers involved even more now, and the pre-consolidation price is now about 0.7 cents.
    2. the new constitution now makes it next to impossible for shareholders (like NS) to open up the books if something smells wrong.
    3. finally, VB, the Flory and West Wind clone, is gone. But the reason is shareholders voted against allowing an increase of non-executive salary pool to be expanded. The only problem is WB is now extremely overpaid and rumour is WB is going to earn $500k this financial year. For what?
    4. Who allowed/approved the $100k bonus given to SL? Up to 30 June 2008, why had SL done to EARN the bonus?
    5. What mining/Africa/zinc experience does the newest board member have? Why have this new board member?
    6. Mumbwa is now proving to be a 2013 project, as i mentioned before. People on this forum were hyping this project, one that may or may not get the green 2011 !!!

    What a mess.. Price is now 7 cents..Or 0.7 cents pre-consolidation.

    Great work Flory, Bradley, Cash and to all the shareholders that voted yes to the resolutions. NS was the only shareholder prepared to fight for shareholders rights and now the shareholders screwed NS by voting yes for the new constitution. I think NS should turn their back on AIM-BTR shareholders now and sell out. Shareholders take take take take take take, then plead for help and hope NS will fight the AIM-BTR battle for all shareholders, but vote to neuter NSs ability to look at the books.

    I think we could see 4 cents quite easily as the short sellers increase....7 cents to 4 cents is quite a nice return on the short side.....

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