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    ABC Online...
    A new poll shows Labor would be in an election-winning position if former prime minister Kevin Rudd were the party's leader now.

    The Essential Report predicts a hefty 13-point increase in first-preference votes for Mr Rudd as leader over Prime Minister Julia Gillard, up to 45 per cent.

    In two-party preferred terms, this equates to Labor getting 53 per cent of the vote to the Liberal/Nationals' 47 per cent - a swing of 8 per cent to Labor.

    Essential currently has the Coalition easily winning an election if held now, at 55 to 45 per cent.

    Fifty-one per cent of those polled believe Australia has become a "worse place" since Ms Gillard became Prime Minister.

    Only 13 per cent believe the country has become a better place.

    The news is little better for Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

    The Essential poll shows former leader Malcolm Turnbull would increase the Coalition's first preference vote by 5 per cent, which would give it a landslide 59 per cent to 41 per cent election win.

    Essential also polled the attributes best describing Ms Gillard and Mr Abbott, with people saying Ms Gillard is "intelligent" but "out of touch with ordinary people".

    Mr Abbott was said to be "hard-working, intelligent and arrogant".

    Ms Gillard dropped 10 points since February on the attribute "a capable leader" to 42 per cent while Mr Abbott's rating fell 3 per cent to 45 on the capable leader question.

    Essential Report director Peter Lewis says negative campaigns are driving the popularity of both leaders down.

    "It reinforces the notion that both the leaders are struggling to articulate a positive vision for the country," he told ABC News Online.

    "In the absence of that, voters are looking for alternatives."

    Mr Lewis says the Greens, who are currently polling 12 per cent, would suffer badly if Mr Rudd or Mr Turnbull became leaders of their parties, and would drop to only 7 per cent of the primary vote.

    "The Greens are catching the protest vote at the moment," he said.

    Dave R.
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