GDN 0.00% 1.7¢ golden state resources limited

well done trade4profit

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    I have to thank you for a very informative and concise assessment of GDN prospects, based on factual historical (eg. asx ann) and geophysical analyses of the site & region.

    Myself, I'd really appreciate if you could please post it also on S/S as I think you'd find many open ears there as well.

    Don't have anything against the punters who choose to bag GDN - if they don't hold that's fine in my books. For those who do and intend to see it through, it's purely a medium risk / high reward situation now given they are likely already commercial. If they hit paydirt they'll be champagne for the holders, the sourgrapes for the umm loser...

    Good luck all

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Currently unlisted public company.

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