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    Hi Pat et al

    Just checking in to see what's happening on HC and what can I say other than Well Done.

    Good to see all the familiar names remaining loyal.

    There are some great features on this site, it is pleasing to see that it doesnt look like all the other forums out there.

    I am planning to get back into the market myself next year, so I look forward to all the repartee.

    This is what I am watching currently:


    I know one of the old HotCopper team has done very nicely out of LOK, my guess is the market has been below the boil for just about long enough.

    You can tell the property boom is just about over because every man and his dog is selling mortgage loans and they are lending over 100% of asset value. Something doesnt add up?

    The radio is starting to sound like one big Harvey Norman commercial, buy now and don't pay until next year...

    Asset appreciation is too good to be true, which for those of us participating in the Dot Com period know, actually means that it is in fact too good to be true...

    In the end reality always rushes in.

    Any way, I hope you are all picking winners and taking profit.


    Mike Vallender

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