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    Iranian held over 1994 bombing of Buenos Aires Jewish center

    By The Associated Press

    LONDON - A former Iranian ambassador to Argentina,
    wanted there in connection with the 1994 bombing
    of a Buenos Aires Jewish community center in which
    85 people were killed, was arrested Thursday in
    northern England.

    Police in Durham, northeast England, arrested Hade
    Soleimanpour, 47, at his home there on an extradition
    warrant, police sources said.

    Soleimanpour is to appear at Bow Street Magistrates' Court in London on Friday, Metropolitan Police headquarters in London said.

    They said the warrant issued Thursday at Bow Street alleges that "on or before" July 18, 1994, Soleimanpour conspired with others to murder persons at the Association Mutua Israelita Argentina - the Jewish Community Center AMIA- and Delegation of Argentine Jewish Associations building.

    The Iranian government has several times denied any responsibility in the AMIA attack.

    Argentine federal judge Juan Jose Galeano, who is investigating the terrorist attack in which a car bomb killed 85 and wounded more than 200, had requested the arrest of Soleimanpour.

    Soleimanpour was Iranian ambassador to Argentina at the time of the explosion.

    He has been in the United Kingdom since February 2002 on a student visa and was studying at Durham University, police sources said.

    In March, Galeano asked Interpol to arrest four Iranian diplomats, accusing them of responsibility for a deadly terrorist attack.

    On Aug. 13, he added the order of detention of eight more Iranian citizens. It was not immediately clear in what countries the other suspects live.

    The bombing, one of two in Buenos Aires in the early 1990s, was the worst terrorist attack in the history of Argentina.

    In March 1992, a blast destroyed the Israeli Embassy, killing 29 people.

    Jewish leaders have criticized Argentine authorities for failing to apprehend those responsible.

    Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hamid Reza Asefi, has rejected allegations of Iranian involvement in the bombing.

    Galeano said in a 400-page document to Interpol
    that he considered it beyond question that "radical elements of the Islamic Republic of Iran" were responsible for the bombing.

    Galeano did not directly blame the Iranian government but claimed that Moshen Rabbani, former cultural attache in the Iranian Embassy in Buenos Aires, was a "key element in the organized group" that staged the terrorist attack.

    Argentina and Iran recalled their ambassadors after the 1994 attack, but diplomatic relations were not interrupted.

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