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    Renewable Energy Retreat: Texas Targets Unreliable Wind & Solar With Punitive Fees & Charges

    After America’s big freeze, Texan legislators are determined to restore reliable power generation sources, by hitting unreliable wind and solar with a raft of punitive fees and charges.

    Whereas wind and solar have enjoyed massive subsidies (in the US, principally the Production Tax Credit, as well as state-mandated feed in tariffs), the reliable generators (nuclear, coal and gas) have been relegated to second place on the grid, thanks to the subsidies paid to wind and solar, which allow them to undercut their (unsubsidised) competitors.

    On 16-17 February – with hundreds of wind turbines frozen solid during breathless, freezing weather – Texan wind power output was a paltry 2% of installed capacity (see below). Solar panels were buried under inches-deep blankets of snow and ice and, likewise, just as useless.

    Millions of Texans were left freezing in the dark; no doubt, chuffed with the progress of their ‘inevitable transition’ to an all wind and sun powered future.

    The only thing keeping the lights on, at all, were Texan nuclear and gas-fired power plants. But, if your insight into world affairs was left to the mainstream media, you’d think it was the other way round.

    In an effort to restore some sanity (and a reliable power supply) Republicans in the Texas Senate are pushing legislation that would put wind and solar back into their proper places. That is, at the back of the queue, where they can do a whole lot less damage than they did during the big freeze, and promise to do if left unchecked.

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